(Christmas Edition) Tong Garden Chocolate Banana Granola Bite 85g

In love with our Choco Banana Granola Bite? We hear you! We've come up with the Limited Edition Christmas Canister for it. With this granola bite, it will be the perfect way to start your day. The flavour combination of granola with chocolate & banana elevate the deliciousness of this snack to a level you might not have anticipated. Perfect for breakfast and snacks!


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Oats, Almonds, Banana Chips, Butter, Choco-Banana Seasoning [Contain Sweetener Aspartame (INS 951)], Husked Rice, Brown Sugar, Milk, Chia Seeds, Honey, Iodised Salt, Packaging gas [Nitrogen (INS 941)]. * Unsuitable for Phenylketonurics
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