Tong Garden Festive Canister Bundle (USP:RM36.50)

A limited-edition festive canister that you can't miss out this festive season!


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1. Almond Cranberries Crunchy Bite 85g
In love with our Crunchy Bite Almonds Mixed Cranberries? We hear you! We've come up with the Limited Edition Christmas Canister for it. Bite-sized granola squares just bursting with our signature succulent cranberries and generous roasted almond bits.

2. Cheezy Pizza Cashew Mixed Almonds 140g
Hohoho! It's Christmas! How could you not enjoying Tong Garden Cheezy Pizza Cashew Mixed Almonds this Christmas? Our nuts are coated with cheese and Italian spices that will definitely satisfy your cravings this holiday season.

3. Chocolate Banana Granola Bite 85g
With this granola bite, it will be the perfect way to start your day. The flavour combination of granola with chocolate & banana elevate the deliciousness of this snack to a level you might not have anticipated. Perfect for breakfast and snacks!

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