(Bundle of 4) TG Popcorn Assorted (USP:RM12.40)

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For a crunchy, sweet treat, popcorns are the best option! Popcorn may only seem like a delicious snack for movie theatres and comfy nights at home, but there are also many health benefits associated with this air-popped food. Buy a popcorn bundle so that there will be enough for everybody to last through the movie!
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(Bundle of 4) TG Popcorn Assorted (USP:RM12.40)
(Bundle of 4) TG Popcorn Assorted (USP:RM12.40)

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    Corn (Non GMO), sugar, vegetable oil, brown sugar, milk powder, lecithin, salt, emulsifiers Monoglycride, Permitted Food Coloring (Allura Red AC, Brillant Blue E133 and Sunset Yellow E110)
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