Tong Garden The Care Ultimate Gift Set (USP:RM52.50)

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The Care Ultimate Gift Set would be the perfect gifting option for those looking for a healthy food gift set to family members or loved ones.


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The Care Ultimate Gift Set is specially curated with the following:

NOI Crispy Seaweed with Almond Slices Original 40g
TG Sungift Jumbo Medley Raisin 120g
NutriOne Baked Walnuts 85g
TG Salted Sunflower (10 in 1) 110g
TG Chili Broad Bean 120g
TG Sungift Dried Pitted Dates 130g
TG Indonesia Peanut 365g

*If we run out of stock of any item within the bundle, we will replace it without notice for a similar item of equal or greater value.

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