Baked Crispy Seaweed Popping Grains Spicy Cuttlefish 40g [Best before 6 Oct 2024]

The best combination of flavours from the ocean. The taste of the all-time favourite spicy cuttlefish snack between the crispy seaweed crackers. A savoury and satisfying treat for any snacking occasion!


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Seaweed (Nori) 60%, White Sesame Seeds 14%, Brown Rice 10%, Maltose 4%, Cuttlefish Seasoning (Contains Cuttlefish Powder, Sugar, Chilli Powder, Garlic, Shrimp, Coconut Oil, Palm Olein) 4%, Soy Sauce (Contains Soybeans, Wheat, Salt and Sugar) 3.7%, Red Rice 1.4%, Riceberry 1.4%, Pearl Barley 1%, Iodised Salt 0.5%, Packaging Gas [Nitrogen (INS 941)].
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