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Super satisfying, downright delicious nuts from Tong Garden. Time for some healthy snacks to accompany your day. 

Healthy Mixed Nuts Malaysia


Super satisfying, downright delicious nuts from Tong Garden. Tong Garden’s nuts are a great option if you are searching for healthy nuts in Malaysia. Whether you are too busy or too bored, our nuts are here to make your day brighter. Let our healthy snacks accompany your day!


Have trouble finding the best nuts? Our finest healthy mixed nuts selection includes broad beans, green peas, cashew, almonds and many others. From single type nuts to healthy mixed nuts, we have all your favourites at one store. All of our healthy nuts come in various packaging sizes, which are perfect if you are looking for grab-and-go snacks or you wish to buy them in a large quantity.


Explore our selection of healthy and delicious mixed nuts below as we have a wide selection of the best healthy snacks in Malaysia. Offering you a variety of nuts that you can choose from, our healthy nuts will surely fulfil all your snacking pleasure. Not only delicious, but nuts are also versatile snacks that you can pair with almost everything like salads, fruits and desserts.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go nuts together with Tong Garden. Add our healthy mixed nuts to your cart and purchase them now.

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