NOI 200g Real Potato Stick Gift Set (USP:RM13.60) [Best before Oct 2024]

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This fantastic gift set of Potato stick comes with 10 small pack of 20g and assorted flavor.


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Fun Stix - Our signature combination pack features sticks in four distinct and dynamic tastes. Sweet potato, taro, purple potato and the original salted potato stick. All made from real ingredients, salted and separated into snack-serving sachets for easy enjoyment. A flavorful explosion of crunchable fun. 
Salted real potato stick - Made from real potato, combining the best of both potato chips and french fries, these scrumptious sticks of salty starch are a snacking enthusiast’s daydream realised.
Hot & Spicy real potato stick - If spice is your vice, this treat will treat you nice. We’ve wisely devised these hot and spicy fries for your snacking pleasure. Made with real potatoes and imbued with an addictively fiery fragrance, these mouth-watering sticks are for all the spice-lovers out there. 
Black pepper real potato stick - If you like pepper on your potatoes, then this is the one for you. What better condiments are there for the luscious golden potato than sublimely simple salt and pepper. We present this to you in snack stick form for that extra bite. 
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