Chestnut Recipes

Chestnut Recipes

Roadside hawkers no longer ply the streets of Singapore and the fragrance of their dishes no longer fill the air like in the old days. Those days may be past, yet their legacy and recipes live on in our daily lives. Do you remember the iconic roasted chestnut hawkers?

Chestnuts and sugar roasted at more than 300 degrees in a sand-filled drum. The authentic roadside roasted chestnut experience can hardly be found in Singapore anymore, but fret not!

Tong Garden got a great Roasted Chestnut snack that’ll bring you back to those days.

Tong Garden’s packaged organic roasted chestnuts without shells are sweet and perfectly balanced with just the right level of a smokey taste. They have even been deshelled to make things very easy and convenient!

Our chestnuts without shells actually come with various health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants; which help reduce the risk of strokes or heart diseases. Tong Garden’s chestnuts are also rich in fibre and some mineral salts.


So, what are some ways you can enjoy these conveniently packed Tong Garden Organic Roasted Chestnuts without the shell? The easiest and obvious way is to snack on them but there are actually different ways to use these ready-to-eat chestnuts.

You can elevate your stir-fried dishes by adding some chestnuts into the wok! From chicken to pork, venison to simple vegetables, the chestnuts go well with almost any stir-fried dish. Another idea is to add chestnuts to your soups! From Mushroom Stroganoff to Pumpkin soup, add the chestnuts as a topping to your soup.

With this versatile snack from Tong Garden, we’re sure your tummy will be kept happy all the time!


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